Aesthetic clinic in Ibiza. Where you should trust your beauty
Aesthetic clinic in Ibiza. Where you should trust your beauty
aesthetic clinic in Ibiza

Aesthetic clinic in Ibiza. Where you should trust your beauty

The best aesthetic clinic in Ibiza.

The best aesthetic doctors in Ibiza.

In Yasmin Clinic you will find the best aesthetic doctors on the island of Ibiza. Why?

Two simple reasons: The first one is that all doctors in the clinic, follow the Yasmin’s techniques. That means that all the treatments have a similar result. Whether it is a lip augmentation with hialuronic acid or a botox treatment, the results are not going to vary across doctors.

The other reason has to do with the qualifications of the doctors. All of them are medical doctors with the corresponding dregree and the master’s degree in aesthetic medicine. For the case of dra. Yasmin, she is a family specialized doctor. All unexpected outcomes or situations may be properly managed by our professionals at the clinic.

The best aesthetic treatments in Ibiza.

Yasmin Clinic follows a very strict protocol to include their treatments in the clinic. Before they are approved, they have been properly tested on different patients to prove that the results are of high quality. This means, the patients at the clinic must percieve the outcomes of each of the treatments at the clinic.

The best aesthetic clinic presents three different groups of treatments. Facial medical aesthetic treatments, body treatments and non-medical aesthetic treatments.

Facial Aesthetic medical treatments in Ibiza.

These type of treatments are characterized by the fact that must be carried out by any of our doctors. In Spain, only doctors are legally allowed to perform treatments such as fillers or botox. In our clinic the main treatments are botox and lip filler. 

More than 6000 patients in Ibiza, Sevilla and Badajoz have trusted our services and aesthetic treatments. In Ibiza, we are the leading clinic with the best results on the island due to two facts: Best techniques applied by the doctors and best products used by the doctors. We trust only the most reliable laboratories in Europe to provide the patients with the safest treatments with the best results.

Body treatments in Ibiza.

These treatments focus on the body. Whether we want to treat cellulitis or we want to get a confortable INDIBA treatment, we offer mesotherapy joint with machines to boost the body treatment results.

We have the Indiba machine that allows the technician to reduce cellulitis and to regenerate body cells. Also, our boty up machine allows the patients to have consistent butt and to estimulate muscles.

Presoterapy is another body treatment that helps with the body contouring and the fluid retention that bodies may provoque when standing up for long periods.

Aesthetic non-medical treatments in Ibiza.

These type of treatments are carried out by the assistant. They consist of treatments such as chemical peelings, facial cleansing and dermapen with vitamins.

These treatment are less invasive but highly effective. For instance, the Aquapure, and advanced facial cleansing allows the patient to have a cleansing treatment in 6 steps including radiofrequency, electromagnetics

Aesthetic clinic near me

Yasmin clinic is properly located in Ibiza town. With several services around it and proper parking slots, the clinic is one of the top clinics in Ibiza

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